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E-Speed Blower: More Air, Higher Pressure

Addition of a new, higher speed model to the Nidec Servo 97mm x 33mm series of small centrifugal blowers expands the air performance envelope of the versatile E1033 product family to more than 50 CFM with shutoff pressure approaching 5 inwg.

The E-speed blower provides efficient, long-life cooling for high-impedance applications. Options include open-collector tachometer and locked rotor alarm circuits, and a pulse-width modulated speed control circuit. On-line documentation of the new E1033L is available here:

E1033L and E1033H Centrifugal Blowers

efficiency gain of new fans as a function of air flow

The leakage inductance can be reduced by use of twisted wire; however, the bifilar winding process is difficult enough without adding further complications.

The issue of a skewed current waveform still exists in bifilar winding structures although reduced in significance.

In this case Voff = Vin which reduces the problem, pushing the half speed point back to a more manageable 75% duty cycle.

Again the leakage inductance will add to this by several percent, as it results in incomplete clamping and less than ideal energy recovery.

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